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 Red Dragon Rules

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Rias Gremory

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PostSubject: Red Dragon Rules   Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:47 am

In this academy we have an infraction system. With certain amount of infractions each member gets during their stay at the academy over a time period of one week will get your punishments in the order of: warning, chat kick, chat ban. Each time an individual gets a chat ban it extends. The first time is one day, the next three days, and the next one week. Anything beyond one week is a site ban, then IP ban. If an infraction is made during any of these bans, then additional time will be added equivalent to the next extended ban. Infractions are given due to breaking rules that is posted below. If certain rules are broken or any rule is broken to a too great of an extent in a topic, private message, or the chat box, then it is possible to have some infractions skipped. You can get an infraction(s) if you:

1. Harassing of any kind. This includes:

a. Speaking negatively towards any race, religion, habits, etc at any point in time.

b. Constantly bringing up a topic that insults someone that tells you to stop. The reason must be legit.

c. Being extremely cynical or in high exaggeration to the point that it can annoy or hurt someone who thinks highly of his idea.

2. Any links, images, or discussion on nudity or pornographic material. Links or images is an instant site ban no matter where it is shown. Discussion is more inconsistent depending on the harshness, reactions of others, and response to those reactions. It can range from one infraction to a site ban.

3. Making public Ban acknowledgment. This means getting banned from the chat box, then complaining in a topic saying that your ban has not yet been lifted when you think it should be, any questions upon bans are to be brought up with ____Username_Here___. This also intersects with rule six of not disturbing anyone with the same solutions. Make a private message(s) or find the person on dueling network, devpro, etc.

4. No images or links to images that includes gory material that can prove too violent for any younglings we may have on the site.

5. Disrupting other people in the chat box or reading the topic via arguing. If you must argue then there are two simple solutions to choose from.

a. If it is in a topic situation, then send a private message. The other person arguing will receive it at a bout the same time anyway.

b. If it either a topic or chat box area, then do a private message or talk about it on devpro, dueling network, etc.

If any mod or admin is to break any of these rules and do not get any infractions OR an infraction is made while a mod or admin is not online, then you need to pm a higher member of staff after telling them they are doing something wrong. After stating your point send a private message a mod if it is a problem with a student, the head mod if it is a problem with a mod, an admin if it is a problem with the head mod, or me if it is a problem with an admin. This private message must include the rule broken, how it was broken, and ALL print screens of the situation. To make sure print screens are not left out, there must be print screens from 2 minutes before everything started to 2 minutes after. The line at the end of a print screen must be at the beginning of the next to further prove nothing is being left out on purpose.
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Red Dragon Rules
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